Need a place to WRENCH your bike?
Need a place to STORE your bike?
Need to a place to HIDE a bike from your spouse?
Want to COLLABORATE and SOCIALIZE with fellow vintage moto enthusiasts?

Want to be part of a unique COMMUNITY?



It's cool to learn how to make something old work again versus buying it new. That's at the core of our garage...and our members. Yes, the building is technically a "garage" with tools, workbenches, and oil stains on the floor, but it's actually much more than that. When you dedicate a physical space to something, amazing things can happen. With special events, how-to classes, collaborative projects, group rides and more, we envision our garage being the HUB for the vintage motorcycle scene in Colorado Springs.

Our members might initially join to work on their motorcycle, but they STAY for fun, the learning, the friendships, and the COMMUNITY that we're all building.    

The Space
The 1,800sq. ft. BSM Garage is conveniently located in downtown Colorado Springs, on East Pikes Peak Ave., sandwiched between Pikes Peak Maker’s Space and a local metal fabrication shop.  These neighboring businesses create a unique, complementary and collaborative campus of creators, artists, tinkerers, inventors, and like-minded non-conformists that don't mind getting their hands dirty. The garage also has a rich history in the local Colorado Springs moto scene, dating back to the early 1960’s when it was a dealer and repair shop (Honda, Triumph, Bultaco), and eventually...the beginning of Apex Sports. You can literally "smell the history" from the decades of spilled oil and gas on the floor! 

- 2 Day Use Workbenches, each with their own moto lift and tools
- 1 Project Workbench with moto lift and tools
- 1 Community Workbench with drill press, grinder, vice, plus various hand and power tools

- Separate motorcycle storage area

- Available storage tubs

- Turntable stereo with vinyl records

- Clean bathroom (with two-ply toilet paper)

- Unlimited WiFi (that we're "borrowing" from our neighbors)

- Pour-Over coffee station

- Member Social and Lounge area 
$50/month includes...

- 7x24 secure access
- Day use of dedicated workbench, associated tools, and motorcycle lifts

- Use of project bench (max. of 2-weeks at a time)

- Use of various power hand tools (drill press, grinders, cutters, etc.)

- Use of various cleaners, lubricants, and solvents
- Invitations to member-only events, classes, socials, clinics, rides, and more

Other Stuff

BSM Garage Memberships are currently by INVITATION ONLY.

All memberships are a 12-month term that auto-renew on anniversary date.

Bike storage is available for an additional $35/month per bike and only if space is available.
All members are required to read and sign a Membership Application and Agreement, a Code of Conduct, and a Release of Liability. 

The BSM Garage is a registered, member-only, 501c7 non-profit organization.


Ride on over to our CONTACT PAGE  to submit your inquiry.

We'd be happy to arrange for a garage tour and provide you a Membership Application.


"In an age of not knowing how to work on our car, and phones that think for us, there's beauty in building something and get a little grease under your fingernails".