Welcome to Boulder Street Moto

Socially challenged gentlefolk of Colorado Springs that wrench and ride vintage, cafe-inspired custom motorcycles. Our passion is creating something from nothing…then riding the hell out of it. We celebrate things like innovation over imitation, individualism versus trends, Craigslist before dealers, and flannels instead of leather tassels. We also have a damn good time just riding our motorcycles…

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Who We Are

The Boulder Street Moto Club has a deep history in Colorado Springs, dating all the way back to 2015. A handful of cafe racer enthusiasts realized that the city was the perfect place to create a community of non-conformists, passionate about vintage motorcycles. Unexcited about traditional moto clubs, these incredibly handsome and courageous outcasts broke away from the pack in order to lay down some fresh asphalt for future generations of racers to come…

The Garage

The garage is our clubhouse. Our adult blanket fort. It’s the place where we hang out at midnight and try to solve weird problems that come up with old bikes. It’s where we start or end our rides. It’s where we BBQ, and where we gather to stare at old motorcycles. The garage is full of tools, lifts, storage space, couches, coffee…pretty much everything we need to be happy in life.


Our events are enough to make any vintage motorist squeel. Sometimes it’s riding to the mountains to camp, sometimes it’s dressing up in tweed and riding around town to support a good cause, and sometimes it’s just riding to a distillery and back. We have open wrench nights, we BBQ, and we ride to neighboring businesses to support our local scene. Check it all out in the Events page.

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